2 x Altberg Leder-Gris Original Wax 80g tin

Altberg Bootcare

Leder-Gris® Wax Oil

Waterproof wax for use in tough wet conditions
Leder-Gris® Original is a mixture of 70% wax and 30% oil. It has been developed for everyday use in average UK conditions. The wax provides waterproofing, as it dries – it remains on or just below the surface.
The oil goes deeper into the leather, and helps to maintain the leathers suppleness by replacing leather oils lost during the drying out process. If leather oils are not replaced, then boots will be more likely to show signs of flex cracking earlier.
Note - Use of Leder-Gris® may darken the colour of the leather.

Medium oil content: restorative levels of leather oils are average
Medium wax content: waxes are a mixture of synthetic bees waxes – content is average
Regular use: Leder-Gris® Original can be used regularly – it will not over-soften , or damage leather if used excessively.

If leather shows signs of hardening, or flex cracking, use a single treatment of Leder-Gris Xtreme – which is an occasional use restorative treatment.

Sizes of tin 80gms
Not tested on animals
Keep out of reach of children – if swallowed, seek medical advice
Avoid contact with eyes and mouth

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