58 Pattern Aluminium Canteen Mug


The cup is very well made from aluminium , it has a fold out wire handle which keeps cool, even when the cup is on the cooker. The cup holds 550 ml of liquid

Perfect for camping, hiking and military personnel in the field.

Tough and light weight
Steel handles

Weight0.016 kg

The British Armed Forces generally use mess tins for cooking in the field, although with the British Armed Forces primarily using Boil in the Bag rations, many soldiers prefer a single large metal mug, as one item can be used to cook food and to make and consume hot drinks, thereby cutting down on equipment weight. As such cups fit beneath the standard water bottle, they also take up less space in the soldiers' equipment. A mess kit is a collection of silverware and cookware used during camping and backpacking, as well as extended military campaigns. There are many varieties of mess kits available to consumers, and militaries commonly provide and have historically provided them to their troops.

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