Hand Tally Counter


One of the most common things tally counters are used for is counting people, distance, animals, or things that are quickly coming and going from a location.

The main application of tally counters is as people counters. At concerts, stadiums, etc., a person will stand by the door with a tally counter recording the number of people that enter. At amusement parks, the rides can only hold a certain number of people, so the operator may use a tally counter to keep track of the number of people who get on the ride. They are also used for traffic analysis, scientific research, counting inventory, military and on industrial lines as well.

4-digit easy to read display.
Counts 0 - 9,999.

Strong chrome plated case.
Thumb operated.
Instant reset knob.

Safe-grip finger-ring.

The counter is activated by pressing a button located above the screen. This will cause the first ring to advance one number. When the count has reached 0009, then the second ring will be advanced one click and the first ring will come back to zero. To reset the counter, a knob is located on the side. This knob turns all the rings which are displaying the same number (usually zero). When the number displayed reaches the number on the remaining rings, then they will turn too, until the display is reset back to 0000.

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