Morello Futura 2000 Boot Paint black


Morello Futura is an amazing, award winning product that gives an instant high gloss shine to almost any surface. If you wish you can still use beeswax and/or bull with traditional guardsman polish on top of this product. This is a must for high shine boots. It can also be easily removed on application of methylated spirits. 

Morello polish can be easily applied to a range of footwear. Morello is an easy and safe to use quick drying, hard wearing lacquer.
One easy application of Morello using the applicator provided, will leave your boots or shoes with a hard wearing high gloss shine.

Spending hours bulling your boots for parades, weddings and drill courses are a thing of the past.

Black in colour
Brush applicator included

Bull polishing, bulling, spit polishing or spit shining refers to a method for polishing leather products in such a way as to give an extremely high shine effect. It is commonly used in the military as a traditional method of presenting leather accessories and boots for inspection. The finished effect should leave the surface of the leather as reflective as a mirror.

Morello boot paint takes all the hard work away!!

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