Racer Pace Stick - British Made



Racer Pace Sticks 36” - 44”.

All colours and Handmade in the UK.
The Official UK MoD approved Pace Stick.
These Pace Sticks are beautifully finished using only the very best British materials.

RACER PACE STICKS - screw fastening

Each stick handmade to your own specifications

1. The only British Handmade Pace Stick on the market.
2. Very Slim and Lightweight.
3. Sizes 36” - 44”.
4. All colours available,
5. Solid Brass Fittings.
7. Date stamped for traceability.
8. Each stick comes with a FREE protective case.

A pace stick is a long stick usually carried by warrant officer and non-commissioned officer drill instructors in the British and Commonwealth armed forces and police forces as a symbol of authority and as an aid to military drill.
A pace stick usually consists of two pieces of wood, hinged at the top, and tapering towards the bottom, very similar to large wooden drafting compasses used on school blackboards. They are usually shod and fitted with highly-polished brass. They can open so that the tips separate at fixed distances, corresponding to various lengths of marching pace, such as "double march", "quick march", "step short", etc.

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