Scrim Net Scarf / Face Veil

Kombat UK

Originally used for protection against hostile desert conditions
Provides protection against sun, wind, sand storms and the cold at night.

Since the scarf is netted, it is still possible to see out from the scarf while it is being worn. Place leaves and sticks in the holes in the scarf to increasing the amount of camouflage provided.

A scrim scarf is a type of scarf that was first created for the British Army. The scarf is shaped like a traditional scarf, but it is made from mesh fabric, and comes in traditional camouflage colours such as olive, black and brown. Scrim scarves are traditionally used for the military and for hunting. There are many ways that a scrim scarf can be used to benefit someone in hostile desert conditions.

Another use for a scrim scarf is as a gun cover. When hiding in the woods, sometimes the glint of the sun off a metal gun can startle animals etc ruining the shot, or alert the enemy to your location if in a hostile situation. Use a scrim scarf to wrap the gun, making it blend in more with the surroundings.
Fabric/Materials:    100% Cotton
Item Dimension:    100 x 100 cm

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