Yorkshire Regiment Regimental Tie

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Yorkshire Regiment Striped Pattern Regimental Tie in Polyester.

The regimental tie has a very precise meaning. The etymology of the name derives from the English regiment that use it as a distinctive element. Gradually, this tradition was also adopted from other clubs, colleges and from English academies in order to complete their uniform and preserve, until this day, its charm intact.

The British Regimental Stripe Tie can be considered one of the original pieces of mens neck -wear. With a stripe running downwards from the wearers left shoulder to the right of his waist, the British Regimental tie has its roots in history.

Regimental Stripes, which are striped ties of varying colours, originally represented membership in British military regiments. The word is derived from the Latin regimen, a rule or system of order, and refers to military organization. In Britain, regimental stripes have been continuously used in designs at least since the 1920s. Some reports allude to British schools, colleges, universities and regimental ties having dated back to the 1880s. It is also believed that the stripes ran in the same direction as the rifles that were strapped over British shoulders.

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