Requests for the return of products because of "ordered in error" or "cancellation" (after shipment has been made) must be made within 30 days of shipment. Postage costs are not refunded.

John Bull Military Clothing shall have the right to make deliveries or perform services in installments. All delivery indications or completion dates are estimated and are dependent in part upon prompt receipt of all necessary information to service an order. John Bull Military Clothing reserves the right to allocate, in its sole discretion, inventories, production, and services when such allocation becomes necessary. In no event will John Bull Military Clothing be liable for any premium transportation, re-procurement, or other costs or losses incurred by Buyer as a result of John Bull Military Clothing's failure to deliver products in accordance with indicated delivery/performance schedules.

Products shall be inspected by Buyer upon delivery and services, upon performance. Notice of rejection or claim for shortages, damaged product, or other nonconformity must be submitted by Buyer to John Bull Military Clothing in writing within 30 days of shipment or performance, and must specify the particular respects in which the delivery, products, or services, as applicable, are nonconforming. Buyer shall have no right to exercise any remedial rights until notice of nonconformity has been given to John Bull Military Clothing and John Bull Military Clothing afforded a reasonable opportunity to cure such nonconformity, if appropriate.

John Bull Military Clothing reserves the right to change or withdraw prices for the products or services it offers for sale without prior notice. If John Bull Military Clothing's price for any product or service is increased, the price in effect prior to the increase will apply to orders received prior to the effective date of the increase and shipped within a period of 30 days after the effective date of increase. 
Prices are in Sterling Pounds unless otherwise specified.
Unless otherwise specified by John Bull Military Clothing in writing, all taxes and other charges imposed by federal, state, local, or foreign governments on the manufacture, sale, shipment, import, export, or use of the products or services shall be added to the price and billed to and paid by Buyer. Buyer shall defend, indemnify and hold harmless John Bull Military Clothing from and against all liabilities for such taxes or charges and attorneys' fees or costs incurred by John Bull Military Clothing in connection therewith.
Prices on this web site may be cheaper than prices offered over our mail order service or our shop prices. Please don't be disappointed if quoted a different price over the phone.

John Bull Military Clothing's obligations are subject to the export administration and control laws and regulations of the United Kingdom. Buyer shall comply fully with such laws and regulations in the export, resale, or disposition of products.
Quotations or proposals made, and any orders accepted by John Bull Military Clothing from a Buyer outside the United Kingdom are with the understanding that the ultimate destination of the products is the country indicated therein. Diversion of the products to any other destination contrary to UK law is prohibited. Accordingly, if the foregoing understanding is incorrect, or if Buyer intends to divert the products to any other destination, Buyer shall immediately inform John Bull Military Clothing of the correct ultimate destination.

Availability information for the titles in our catalogue is listed on each item's detail page. Beyond what we say on that page, we cannot be more specific about availability. As we process your order, we will inform you by e-mail if any items you order turn out to be unavailable.